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Developing a new education practice

The Crossborder Journalism Campus 2022–2024 allows the opportunity to offer two cohorts of students from the three participating journalism educations to meet in Brussels to meet, discuss and draft their work plans. For two semesters, they collaborate on journalistic research and end publishing their shared material towards their respective target groups. Once the program is finalised, the findings, evaluation of the process aswell as teaching material will be made public for other practice oriented educations to see, be inspired by and develop further.

Recently published publications

Cleaning staff can hardly clean Central German clinics sufficiently

New journalism practice needs a new journalism education

Crossborder collaborative journalism is applied more and more widely in the media, as journalists address global challenges in networked societies. The move towards collaborative journalism is used in globally known investigations such as the Panama Papers on tax avoidance schemes and in local and regional collaborations focusing on topics of immediate importance for the citizens such as affordable housing, reliable health care or work conditions just to mention a few examples. Thus, crossborder collaborative journalism is a competence that journalism educations need to provide their students with, in order to meet demand in the industry. This is the immediate need we wish to address with this project.